What does Navegant pel Món mean?

Navegant pel Món is not just a dream come true, it is so much more.

Navegant pel Món means leaving everything behind and fighting for a goal, learning and overcoming obstacles day by day. It means getting to know yourself and those around you, and being able to find resources and solutions to achieve your goals. Effort and sacrifice are present on a daily basis, but the chance of connecting with and being moved by nature is fulfilling and helps us to move forward.

It means awakening our conscience and the awareness of those around us, fighting for the preservation of our environment and its fauna. A great solidarity, sports, and environmental challenge. A way of life.

Navegant pel Món constitutes a set of core values that will make us grow and that will help us to pass on to our and future generations the courage and the hope that are necessary to fight for a dream and to contribute to the common good and the preservation of our planet.