Pol Gelpí Cornudella

“Soy feliz a bordo de un velero.”


I was born in Barcelona in 1986, but my family ties go deep into the Maresme  coast and the Club Nàutic el Balís. I started racing at 5 years of age, and later made the Catalan and Spanish national teams in dinghy sailing, where I competed at the highest level and got good results in Catalan championships, both in fleet and team racing, as well as top-ten results at national championships and entries into Worlds and European championships. Every summer during my childhood and youth I would sail the distance from Barcelona to the Balearic Islands with my grandparents or my friends, and I’ve taken part in several offshore races in the Mediterranean.

Although I got a BA in Administration and Public Relations, I’ve always worked, and keep working, as a sailing coach, both at beginner and high performance levels in dinghy sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, specializing in Optimist and junior sailing. I’ve been part of several projects and sailing clubs. I’ve also collaborated with the Catalan Sailing Federation as coach of the Catalan team and helped on several occasions to train young talents in national championships and trials.

On the other hand, I’ve been a volunteer in solidarity initiatives related to education and the environment. I’ve been the initiator and the project manager of “Tothom pot Navegar” (“Everybody can Sail”) at the GEN Roses, an initiative that promotes, through sailing, the inclusion of people who are at risk of social exclusion. “Tothom pot Navegar” has been awarded the Premi Inclusió Alt Empordà.

I am happy aboard a boat or any piece of junk that floats and is propelled by the wind; I can’t live without seeing the sea, I love strong winds, speed, feeling free, and enjoying nature, always with great respect for it. Since I was a little boy I’ve dreamed about sailing round the world, whether in a race or for the pleasure of it, and getting to places that can only be reached by sea, having sailed for days and miles without seeing shore, getting to know new cultures and people related to the seas and the oceans.

Alba Duran Bros

“mi sueño es viajar”


I was born in Terrassa in 1983, but the landscapes that have seen me grow are the Cerdanya region, Pals, Santa Pau and the Balearic Islands. Always close to my family, who have taught me great values and the respect for the environment.

Part of my childhood was spent in Masella, where at the age of 5 I learnt how to ski and later moved on to competition at the Club d’Esquí of the Centre Excursionista de Terrassa until I was 17 years old.It was a learning experience that allowed me to work as a ski coach for 11 years, but it was my experience on board the Baliga Balaga, a Fortuna 9 boat, that has awakened in me a passion for the sea.

Although I graduated as an Interior Designer in 2007 and developed a professional career in the field for 8 years, in 2014 I decided to leave everything behind and to change the course of my life; I moved to Australia for some months and then returned to the Empordà, where I started working in a rural hotel in Vilamaniscle and later at the GEN Roses.

I love traveling, discovering new things and learning from the people around me, getting to know new cultures that teach me to appreciate the great value of small things and to get inspired by the contact with nature.