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Finding a Cure for RETT Syndrome

“When you are young you have time but you don’t have money, and when you are older you have the money but not the time.”

We share and feel very identified with these words spoken by a friend of us.

Right now we have a lot of free time, time that we want to dedicate to discovering our magical world and, at the same time, to contribute to good causes, one of them environmental and the other solidary.

Curem la Síndrome de RETT (Finding a Cure for RETT Syndrome) is an initiative that aims to find a cure for RETT Syndrome, the second most frequent cause of mental disability in girls, that deeply affects their intellectual, motor and social skills. Currently, there is no cure for RETT Syndrome

Carla Griñó Aixalà left us after suffering this syndrome.

Carla represents the values of sacrifice, of overcoming obstacles, of fellowship, respect, and a passion for sailing. Navegant pel Món wants to keep alive the success if the first Carla Regatta “Primera Regata Carla. Curem la síndrome de RETT”.

Because we are close to and we empathize with the cause, Navegant pel Món feels identified with the values that the Carla Regatta represents. We want to sail around the world with Carla, taking her smile everywhere we go and contributing to the challenge and the hope of finding a  cure for the disease.

We want to help to raise funds for the research carried out by Dr. Manel Esteller and his team:

  • Making the RETT syndrome known around the world.
  • Disseminating solidarity initiatives related to the cure of RETT.
  • Raising society’s awareness about the difficulties that the syndrome causes to the patient and those around her.
  • Raising funds for research on RETT syndrome by Dr. Manel Esteller’s team (10%).

We believe in people and in the power they have when they unite. This is why we would be thrilled to have your support, to be able to start this adventure and to contribute to a great cause.

A book, a song, a piece of advice, electronic and safety equipment, a hug, a contact, a donation, an idea… each and every contribution will be welcome with love and in this way we will create a big family where THE SEA, THE WIND AND THE SUN will be present every day.